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About Us

At Heartbeat, we recognize the fact that most investors lack the resources to assess the impact of economic events on their investments, nor can they make the needed switch in their investment strategy to take advantage of those events as they unfold.

About Us

Investment Products

Our clients take comfort from the knowledge that their investment decision-making process is in the care of an investment house that is well-equipped to do their wishes, without compromising professionalism. Find out about available investment options.

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Incorporated in 1995 but operations in 1997, Heartbeat Investments Limited is a Trading License Holder of The Exchange Limited (NGX), and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to perform Capital market operations in all its ramifications.

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What We Do

Securities Trading

Our dealing desk executes your shares buy/sell mandates of companies listed on the Exchange in a secured environment; backed a best execution policy designed based on regulated global standards.
Financial Advisory

Equities Portfolio Management

Through comprehensive financial analyses, we delve into your unique goals, risk profile, and current situation. From this, we meticulously craft personalized strategies for optimal wealth management, investment selection, and long-term financial planning.

Share Registration

The company offers clients the opportunity to dematerialize their share certificates in the CSCS system. The advantages include safety against theft, loss, fire, accident while facilitating easy transfer.

Dividend Tracking & Recovery

At our investment firm, we are dedicated to a thorough understanding of your case, diligently pursuing the retrieval of lost shares, unclaimed dividends, matured deposits, and other assets with prompt efficiency.

Retirement Investing

Secure your future with our smart retirement investing. Our investment experts help you plan wisely, allocate assets, and watch your investment nest egg grow towards a comfortable post-work life.

Are you an institutional investor?

We have Investment Managers and experienced advisors with investment management, capital market investment strategy experience spanning more than 30years. We design the investment strategy, back it with sound risk management strategy and intelligent execution techniques. Contact us today!

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