Dividend Tracking & Recovery

Numerous investors who participated in companies during the era of physical share certificates have either lost track of or are unaware of such investments due to various reasons, including:

  • Misplacement of share certificates
  • Forgotten holdings
  • Address or name changes
  • Investor decease
  • Dormant bank or demat accounts

We specialize in assisting investors and legal heirs in reclaiming their unclaimed investments in shares and dividends. Our comprehensive support includes:

  • Updating KYC information, signatures, addresses, and bank/demat account details.
  • Obtaining duplicate shares in cases of loss.
  • Correcting shareholder names in instances of mismatches.
  • Transmitting shares to legal heirs/successors in the event of a shareholder’s death.
  • Dematerializing physical shares.
  • Claiming shares and unclaimed dividends from the registrars.
  • Obtaining necessary legal documents such as succession certificates, probate of wills, or letters of administration from courts.
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