Equities Brokerage Account Opening Procedure

Kindly follow the guide to proceed

Welcome to eTrader! online trading platform for investing in the Nigerian Exchange Equities market.

Our trading system allows you to achieve the following investment objectives amongst others:

Trading Platform Features

  • Invest in the NGX Equities listed stocks including Zentihbank, Dangote Group, MTNNigeria, Airtel Africa etc.
  • Buy & Sell shares listed in the Nigeria Exchange market comfortably from wherever you may be located globally.
  • Fund your investment account from a global location.
  • Monitor your portfolio to evaluate performance for timely wise investment decisions.
  • Access to historical performance of your investment portfolio.
  • Download contracts notes and other reports related to your investment profile.
  • Generate repots for third-party about your investment portfolio for third-party usage including embassies and other international agencies.
  • Institutions or volume traders will be able to access their investment portfolio and also gain acess to discounted fees.
  • Access to a dedicated investment account manager.

Documents Required for Opening Accounts

For Individual Accounts

  • Click here to complete the individual account opening form online.
  • Photocopy of international passport, driver’s license, Permanent Voters Card (PVC) or National ID.
  • Passport photograph of signatories.
  • Proof of address (for example, copy of a recent utility bill not older than 3 months).
  • KYC documents for non-residents must be notarized (Valid means of identification and proof of address).

For Corporate Accounts

  • Completed Corporate Account Opening Form
  • Photocopy of International Passport or Driver’s License of Signatories/PVC/National ID.
  • Passport Photograph of Signatories.
  • Proof of Address (For Example, copy of a recent utility bill not older than 3 months).
  • CTC of Form CO2 (i.e. particulars of Shareholders).
  • CTC of Form CO7 (i.e. particulars of Directors).
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
  • CTC of Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Board Resolution.

Online Account Opening Forms

Kindly use the buttons below to start the account opening process online and submit your application without downloading any forms.

*Ensure that you have the documents above ready in pdf or jpg formats on your mobile device or laptop before you begin to enable you upload the files into the appropriate sections of the online form.

Downloadable Forms

The download buttons below enables you to download PDF versions of the account opening forms, which which can be filled physically with a pen offline, simply use the download buttons below this paragraph to choose the preferred form for the purpose of a print out on paper.

Carefully complete the sections of the downloaded and printed form in block letters, and also ensure that you look out for checkboxes to tick them appropriately after carefully reading the terms and conditions including the risk disclosure sections.

All completed forms should be sent in an email attachment alongwith the “documents required” described above according to your desired account type to customercare@heartbeatinvest.com 

Your investment journey is about to begin! Cheers.