Securities Trading

A share is a unit of ownership in a company that is sold on the stock market (the Nigeria Exchange – NGX).

Companies can raise funds by issuing shares, also known as equities or stocks, to investors who become shareholders.

Heartbeat Investments provides a platform that enables you to buy the shares of companies listed on the Nigeria Exchange Group market; which is based on the price of the underlying share. Examples of the companies who shares you buy and become a part owner of as a shareholder are:

  • All commercial banks operating in Nigeria.
  • Manufacturing companies like Dangote Cement, Dangote Sugar, WAPCO, CADBURY, MTN Nigeria, Airtel etc.

As a licensed broker dealer of the Nigerian Exchange stock market, we engage in the execution of mandates for our clients with regard to the following securities;

Securities & Dealing Desk Services

Direct Market Access

With Direct Market Access (DMA)​, investors are able to access the market using our secured Order Management System. As a licensed investment house, we are at the forefront of trading technology, we provide you the necessary flexibility needed to access Market Data and trade from anywhere in the world.

Market Data

Stock buying and selling decisions requires intelligent knowledge of the performance, history and corporate disclosures of the listed companies.

The analytics and research tools on our trading platform gives you access to rich information about the companies listed on the ngx trading network to enable you take wise investment decisions.

Ordinary shares (Quoted and Unquoted).

Our dealing desk traders, enables you to buy ordinary shares of reputable companies listed on the Nigerian Exchange NGX based on your investment priorities and goals.

Gilt-edge/government development stocks.

Gilt-edge or government development stocks are bonds issued by governments that have a very low risk of default and pay a fixed interest rate to investors. They are considered to be high-quality and reliable investments, but they also offer lower returns than other types of bonds.

Treasury bills and certificates.

Treasury bills and certificates are two types of money market instruments that are issued by governments or banks to raise funds for short-term needs.

They are both considered low-risk and secure investments, but they have some differences in their features and returns.

Corporate debt.

Corporate debt is the borrowed money or financial instrument used by a company to finance its operations, acquisitions, or projects.

Corporate debt can be classified into different types, such as secured, unsecured, subordinated, and mezzanine, depending on the level of risk, priority, and return involved.