Risk Disclosure Statement

The document serves to advise the client of the inherent risk associated with trading in equities (shares), derivatives contracts or other financial instruments traded in the Nigerian capital market as required under rules & regulations of the NGX- ‘Rules and Regulations governing Trading license Holder’s.

Please take note that the risks associated with equities, derivatives contracts or other financial instruments trading are not exhaustible and not limited to the disclosed risks stated hereunder and that this disclosure serves as guide to assist the Client in acknowledging the possible risks involved.

Generally, securities investments are only suitable for clients who fully understand and appreciate the risks involved. It is highly speculative and an investor could be at risk of losing his/her entire investment. This could be due to fluctuation in the market where prices or rates adversely change due to economic forces or currency exchange risk where there is a need to convert from a currency denomination to another, these variations may affect profit or bring about losses in foreign currency denominated transactions.

Transactions in other markets within and outside the country may also expose you to
additional risks.

Heartbeat Investments Limited, acting as a Broker-Dealer for investment in the Securities, may, on certain occasion, not be able execute the purchase or sales orders or to undertake any action relating to the Securities transaction in accordance with the clients’ instructions. These occasions include, amongst others, a situation where the market conditions are not favourable, the orders cannot be executed.

Kindly take note that before a client decides to trade equities or be engaged in the capital market activities, he/she need to consider his/her risk appetite i.e the desire to take risk versus the ability to take the risk. Clients should also consider if the investment they are about to embark upon is appropriate and suitable for their financial condition.

Clients should seek financial and investment information, to get them informed such that at any particular point in time, they are making informed investment decisions.

You are further advised to seek proper clarification on all fees, commissions and charges that affect your net profit (if any) or increase your loss. If you are unsure or do not understand this Risk Disclosure document, please feel free to speak with any of our account officer assigned to you.